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I have yet to share any of my writing with you lovely people, and that is about to change now. This is not a large piece by any means – in fact – it’s just a small flash fiction, but I’m excited to share it with everyone!  I’ve written this piece for the Write – Edit – Publish Blog Hop, this website is a fantastic resource for writers, and the blog hop they host is such fun, and good practice! Visit the site to see other entries that have been submitted to this months challenge – Unraveled Yarn!

So without further ado, you may scroll below to read my piece. 🙂



I thought it was a nice thing I was doing, who doesn’t love an unexpected gift? I knew my father had an important meeting tomorrow morning so I grabbed all my craft supplies, and one of his ties from the laundry basket, then I set to work. As a five year-old girl I thought all my fathers ties were incredibly boring – there was no glitter! As I glued the last gem onto the tie I could hear the shower turn off in the bathroom that was next to my room, so I quickly put my finished product into a gift bag I had stole from the basement. I ran up to my door, and peaked around the corner – bouncing with anticipation. As the bathroom door opened, the familiar smell of my father’s body wash poured into the hallway, “Dad! I made something special for your meeting! Come and see!” He smiled and followed me into my bedroom, the gift bag sat on my table surrounded by glitter, scissors, yarn, and stickers. His back was turned away from me as he opened the bag up, so I was unable to see his reaction. I rocked back and forth on the balls of my feet, waiting for my hug of appreciation.

I have no memories of what happened immediately after that, the next thing I remember is laying on the ground, my body aching. I opened my swollen eyes and sitting in front of me was my ball of yarn, it was almost completely unraveled. I reached out and grabbed the yarn, squeezing it into my chest like it was my savior. I didn’t know what I had done wrong, but I knew I would never make a craft ever again. I still have that ball of yarn twenty years later, I keep it in the drawer beside my bed to remind me that I am never safe. Never safe.



  1. Elephant's Child

    Wow. That second paragraph packs a powerful punch.
    And I ache for the truth this flash holds for far too many.

    1. Crystal

      Thank you! I feel like I could have done an even better job with this piece is I wasn’t down-trodden with a nasty cold.

  2. Olga Godim

    Ouch! What a jerk of a father. That poor girl!

    1. Crystal

      He IS a jerk, but he’ll get what is coming to him 😉

  3. Pat Hatt

    That went dark indeed. How anyone could do that to a child is beyond me, Sure nailed the pain that stuck with her for life.

    1. Crystal

      Thank you, I didn’t intend to do so dark. It just came out haha.

  4. Yolanda Renee

    Heartbreaking! But I understand and know similar experiences. Well told. Welcome to the WEP!

    1. Crystal

      Thank you! I’m so happy to have found this community!

  5. Denise Covey

    Chrystal, what a powerful, evocative flash. Two paragraphs. One of joy. One of confusion and hurt. But as Sue says, a truth for too many. I was thinking, how beautiful, the father was going to his meeting and tell his friends about his adoring daughter who decorated his tie especially for him. Sadly, this didn’t happen,

    Crystal, I welcome you to the warm WEP community. We are here to encourage you in your writing journey. Putting out that first piece is never easy. I well remember my trepidation! And the harsh critiques though well meaning.

    It’s always wonderful to have new writers join us. I looked forward to your first entry and hope it won’t be your last for us!


    1. Crystal

      Thank you for the warm welcome! It definitely will not be my last piece, I look forward to sharing many more 🙂

  6. Nilanjana Bose

    Very powerful, and done with such economy of words too. I really don’t know how parents, any adult, can do this to a child. Turns my brain inside out.

    Nice to meet you here at the WEP. Look forward to reading more of your writing.

    1. Crystal

      Wow, thank you for such a nice compliment. I can’t fathom it either, but unfortunately it happens more than it should.

  7. dolorah at Book Lover

    Oh how terrible; such a loving gift to bring such pain. What scars that yarn must represent. Well done Crystal.

    1. Crystal

      Deep dark one’s I’d imagine. Thank you for the compliment, and thank you for reading. 🙂

  8. desk49

    I hope this is not something
    You have taken from heart
    For when I was a child
    I hide deep in the dark

    For my back was striped
    With many of lines
    I know not what I did
    Most of the time

    Stories like this
    Still rip at my soul
    As these memory’s
    Will never let go

    For you story I hope itis not true still it was will written.

    1. Crystal

      I’m glad I was able to inspire such a beautiful poem, thank you. Don’t worry, the story has no truth – it’s all fiction.

  9. patgarcia

    I felt the happiness of this little girl making a big surprise for her father. I also felt her pain. She’s hidden herself and her spontaniety away, but I hope not forever.
    Welcome to WEP and thank you for your excellent suggestion on my story.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

    1. Crystal

      I’m happy that I was able to evoke emotions in the piece, thank you for reading. 🙂

  10. hilarymb

    Hi Crystal – I too had high hopes for her craft work … just terrible to think a father could do that – but it happens. She would not be in a happy place for a while with a father like that … well written – looking forward, then wham the hurt and horror … nice to meet you – cheers Hilary

    1. Crystal

      Thank you very much, it was an unexpected twist. Twists are so compelling.

  11. Adura Ojo

    So so sad for that little girl. Loved your skillful brevity, and use of the prompt.

    1. Crystal

      Thank you! It was my first time doing a prompt, so I was a bit nervous, but it was fun!

  12. Carrie Ann Golden

    My heaven…the second half of your story was, wow, so unexpected. Look forward to reading more of your work!

    1. Crystal

      I know, I took the theme of unravelled yarn quite literally, as well as figuratively. Thank you for reading!

  13. DG Hudson

    A very touching piece. Some fathers forget the joy that a child takes in something simple. That tells us his priorities right away. I remember my father was never happy about having a daughter as the first child. He got his son when my brother was born. We never got along, and I left home as soon as I could. I thank the heavens that I had a loving mother who made it tolerable to stay that long. I love crafts too, so liked your entry into WEP. Hope you stay for a while.

    1. Crystal

      It is very tragic, and so sad. I am glad that you enjoyed my post though, I look forward to reading your pieces as well!

  14. Deborah Drucker

    Tragic story. I hope she can feel safe someday soon.

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