What’s Holding You Back?

Let’s get real here, everybody has something that is holding them back in one way or another. Maybe something is keeping you from that career you always wanted, the travelling that you dream about, or a hobby you have always wanted to get into. What about the actual barriers themselves? What do they look like? Yesterday I talked about how fear can hold you back, but it comes in many forms.

Inexperience, money, or perhaps embarrassment?


Whatever the excuse for not following your dreams, it’s probably a valid one, but even a valid excuse is not a good excuse. I don’t want you to think that I’m shitting on you, because I’m not – I wouldn’t! I love you. It’s because I love you that I want to push you, challenge you to do better. I’ve been pushing myself to do better for the last two years – from leaving a 10 year toxic relationship and draining myself savings to do so, to leaving my good job and going back to school full-time to pursue a career that was financially and mentally rewarding to me.


Passion Led Us Here
Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

I refuse to believe I will not succeed


I started this blog to follow my passion for writing, specifically to publish novels, and I’m so happy to be writing everyday. I have a lot of different aspirations in regards to my career, but most of it revolves around the digital world. I am so lucky I found the website hosting company that I did, I’m a poor mamma – I can’t afford an expensive website. They made it so simple to set-up my website, I had it running in less than a day, right from registering a domain name to setting up my WordPress website.


Guess What?


They’ve got a wicked promo happening now – $0.01 for the first month! I don’t know what you’re dream career is, but I’m willing to bet it’s going to need a website. Why not start there? Developing a website for yourself really makes you think about branding yourself, how you want the world to perceive you. Host Gator will guide you through the technical stuff –  You just do you.



I know this all seems a little scary – you have so many responsibilities after all, but you got this (That’s my favourite motivational phrase to say FYI). In order for you to reach your full potential in life, you need to lean into the discomfort. People that set trends, make viral videos, or become best-selling authors don’t achieve their goals by playing it safe.


Photo by Camille Orgel on Unsplash


Successful people embrace the discomfort of stepping outside their comfort zone


I want to do great things, and I want you to do great things too – SO JUST DO IT.

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