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Reinventing Yourself: Career Changes

Today is the day you find happiness in your career.

career path, career change, road, skyline, highway, path, field
Photo by Charl van Rooy on Unsplash
Do you feel satisfied with your current job? conducted a study, and found that over half of Canadians want a career change. So you are not even close to alone. One quarter of Canadians feel they are overqualified for their jobs, indicating they don’t feel challenged enough in their current profession.
I have good news for you!
It’s never too late to evaluate a new career path for yourself. I am working on my third career path change. When I moved to Calgary 12 years ago I pursued a path in Photography, it was something I felt passionate about, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Photography is a difficult, and competitive industry but I gave it my blood, sweat, and tears. It didn’t surprise me when my photography business wasn’t successful. It killed the joy I felt in taking photos, so I decided to keep it as a hobby.
I learned about a career in the medical field which interested me, so I went back to school.
After graduating with honours, I obtained my certificate as a Health Unit Clerk, and I found a decent entry level position at a nearby hospital. I continued to work as a Unit Clerk for the next 6 years, and while I love the camaraderie, and pride within my unit – it was boring for me. I was also broke because it’s almost impossible to move up the medical ranks within our hospitals.
The year and a half I spent trying to snag a full-time position crumbled my confidence, and spiked my anxiety.
That brings us to today, where I am currently a student working towards my Diploma in Digital Marketing. I love being back in school, and I finally feel like I’ve found my calling. I don’t care how cliche that sounds. I have always loved all things digital, but for some reason I felt like I wasn’t smart enough, creative enough, or savvy enough, to pursue this as a career.
Fuck that.
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Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash
Once I opened my mind up to the possibility of a digital career I found myself with a ton of ideas. I was swarming with career goals, and aspirations. Publishing a book has always been something I daydream about, but I never pulled that dream to the forefront of my mind. Now that I’ve stopped holding myself back, I’m writing a novel.
And it feels so good. So right.
Not everyone is lucky enough to know what they want to pursue, they only know that they’re unhappy in the career they currently have. I don’t have all the answers for finding a new sparkly career, but I know where you can start.

Career Aptitude Test

It makes sense that your personality would play a large part in which career would suit you best. I took this Career Test and it just so happens to align pretty damn perfectly with the career path I’m currently on. Here are my results:

It is NEVER too late to go back to school, or change your career path. I cannot stress this enough.

Just look at the results from National Centre for Education Statistics, the number of students enrolled in school from the ages of 25+ is creeping up on the number of students enrolled from the ages of 18–24.
You don’t need to go back to school to make a career change. There are lots of people who wish they had never gone to school, and instead jumped right into the job market. The Monster study mentioned earlier, states that 1 in 5 Canadians wished they went straight to work our of high-school. Thats a whopping 21% of Canadians with a degree who regret it.
I made my decision to go back to school because I needed the knowledge. Through self-taught methods, I know enough about the digital world to give myself an ‘intermediate’ title. Things such as social media marketing, web development, and web design I’m not too shabby at. 



Not too shabby isn’t good enough for me.

I need to know more to succeed, and forgive me, but I want the Diploma title in my by-line. You need to decide for yourself whether school is the right decision for your career change. If school would even be necessary.
Make a Pro / Con list, I’m a huge fan of lists. You have to start somewhere, so why not a list?
Share your career change stories below. Let’s provide motivation to everyone who feels scared to make such a large change in their life. You got this!



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