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Writer’s Block Doesn’t Exist

Never let ‘Writer’s Block’ slow your progress, and break your confidence again.

typewriter, writing, coffee, writer's block, paper, author
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Writer’s block has plagued all writers, and it hits you when you least expect it. This doesn’t need to be a big, bad, terrible thing – look at it as a learning experience. This is the time for you to get in tune with your writing, with your vision for the book.
Stop trying so bloody hard!
Once you start ruminating on something, it becomes the unaddressable elephant in the room – it’s all you will be able to think about. Have you ever got stuck on a word in your crossword puzzle? Stared at it for hours, getting increasing more frustrated at your inability to solve it?
You spend time working on other projects, and when you come back the answer is staring you in the face.
There are productive ways to walk away from your novel, and crack your writer’s block wide open. Sure you can go for a walk, have a cup of tea, take a relaxing bath. These are all good things, they could only serve you in positive ways. Go for it!
I know you can do better than that, your an author.
writer's block, author, writer, writing, writing tips, novel
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Go back to your foundations
Sit down with one of your favorite books, and read it with abandon. Let yourself get lost in a story you know you love. Your desire to write started somewhere, and it has been sitting on your bookshelf this whole time. You can also study the novel you are reading if you’d like, but I don’t want you to get caught up in studying.
Now that you’ve stepped away from your own writing for a while, it’s time to dip your toes back in. Don’t read what you’ve already written yet. We are still swimming near the sand bar of your story, the shallow waters of where your story began.
Sit down with that tea we were talking about earlier, and read over your outline – if you’ve made one. If you didn’t make an outline, it’s ok. You can write these things down as you think of them. Pick through the traits you’ve given your characters. Do they all still make sense? Are there any conflicting pieces to their personality?
Once you’ve analyzed your characters, and you are happy with who they are, it’s time to move onto the plot of your story. You may find holes you didn’t realize were hiding within your plot – causing the stumbling block you are stuck in right now.
Now you need to get out of your own damn head
Go to Pinterest, and search ‘Writing Prompts’, take the pressure off creative thinking. Sometimes all you need is inspiration from one sentence, inspiration that will ignite a flurry of writing. Now you have another five chapters for your book..
Go ahead and reread what you’ve written so far. You’ve done your due diligence, it’s time to analyze your story in full. Reading from start to finish will tell you if the flow of your story feels right. It’s possible you need to switch scenes or whole chapters around for your story to move forward like it should.
My hope is by this time you’ve decided I’m right, writer’s block does not exist. But in case I haven’t convinced you yet, I have one more magical trick up my sleeve.


writer's block, writing tips, writing, writer, author, novel, book, editing
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Serious, write anything. It doesn’t need to relate to your story at all, write a poem or an article. Write a social media post. Don’t stay away from your book for too long though, that is asking for it to collect dust. Come back to your book, and write up some ridiculous scene. It’s your main characters birthday, what happens? Do your other characters throw a surprise party, pull a prank, or forget about it? Writing something fun about your characters will loosen you up. You will think different about how your characters interact with each other.
I hope you are convinced that writer’s block is a figment of your imagination. It’s the doubt you have in yourself holding you back. That’s why it’s so important to take the pressure off yourself.
You got this


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